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Great News!!!

Our  very own ♥♥John Skronski♥♥ is getting up to speed and bring the website back to life!

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"Welcome to the first email of the Ocean Plaza Google Group.  At the bottom of the email, I have listed the emails I have added to the group.  It is amazing that on the first day, we have 24 out of 62 owners as part of this group!
Please spread the word to your neighbors in Ocean Plaza - the more owners we can reach through this group, easier it will be for us to communicate effectively.  You can ask them to send me an email at Vilas.Mhatre@gmail.com with their name and unit number and I will add them to the group.



-Progress on new garbage enclosure continues.

-A DIRECTV dish will be installed again on our rooftop for those interested. You will therefore have a choice between FiOS, Comcast or DIRECTV.

- East elevator past inspection but NJ elevator is having the main board replaced. The east elevator was down this weekend waiting for the new board to be shipped and installed. Expected to be completed this Tuesday.

- Pool is officially closed.

- FYI - Pat Treacy office contact # 732-222-7514.

- There is a red button with a phone icon on the panel. If you get stuck in the elevator and need assistance  just put the red button and you will be connected to the 24X7 monitoring station for assistance. This replaces the old red phone in this elevator.

- 20% of the windows have been replaced of the five units currently involved. A lift will be needed to complete 25% of the work. OPCA will also need the lift for windows cleaning, rail inspection, some EFIS repair etc.



The east elevator is out of service for a few days. Remember it is not broken and s still involved with the initial installation process. It was put back in service while the west elevator was being repaired.


Both elevators are back in service. The west elevator had a power supply problem that wiped out the programing. We used the old board from the east elevator and we are back in service. The east elevator is on a 30 day temporary inspection.


 If you look south of OPCA on the boardwalk you will see a square extension. That is for the future concession stand and bathrooms and will be 14' tall.

 Rich has traced the problem of the spa color change to the fact one of the boards burned out. The board approved the $600 cost and will have it installed this weekend.

 DIRECTV for the roof being discussed.

 Window installation for 5 units starts Thursday 8-27-15

 West end will have steps and a ramp to the beach.

June 5, 2015 – Owners meeting to discuss 5th floor water intrusion - Minutes under the building news section.


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